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Last week news researchers were in full throttle hunting info on the identity of Sam Bacile, a/k/a Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a/k/a Erwin Salameh a/k/a Ahmed Hamdy a/k/a PJ Tobacco.  

This character made the movie which is said to have triggered the slew of deathly riots in the Arab World.  

It is a breaking story which calls forth the very purpose of the news researcher.  The people gotta know who the hell is this guy who nobody knows who he is.

Tax and bankruptcy records, State criminal records, databases of actors’ resumes, and files at the L.A. hills ranch where Bacile paid to shoot the movie were checked.  Blue Cloud Ranch is where crews have also shot Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses and episodes of primetime spy romp JAG.

Al Jazeera details the shady man’s past, as does Wired mag.

Bacile has been determined to have a history of manufacturing PCP in the 1990s and identity theft, for which he served over a year in jail.  Probation officers took him into custody last week for questioning over whether Bacile might have broke parole by using the Internet.  He has been connected to Coptic Christian groups, and to direct his movie is said to have hired jizzbucket reeler Alan Roberts, who also did The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood (1980) and Panorama Blue (1974).

Google has since decided to withdraw the trailer from online circulation in certain incendiary markets in the Middle East.  Is it Google’s decision to make or unmake available information?  In this case, they own YouTube, the largest moving image resource in the non-physical world.  “Broadcast Yourself…”  Withholding The Innocence of Muslims only confirms its presumed and fanaticizable danger.  Maybe some of the rioters haven’t seen it yet and wanna watch it.

It must be as is usual in the classic case of censorship, that many gatecrashers and bombthrowers in key Middle East cities haven’t spent the 14 minutes to actually screen the piece of crap.  Demagogues abound who do the awareness for their worshippers. “This video document is the source the problem!  Don’t watch it!” Soon explosions and murder result.

Future Use just re-watched the Oliver Stone archive mash-up spectacle flick JFK, where the character Mr. X, played by Donald Sutherland in shabby rainhat and topcoat, outlines the assassination of the President as the work of a seasoned secret U.S. military intelligence black-ops team who have been insinuating the downfall of foreign anti-democratic regimes since WWII.  In 1963, so Mr. X asserts, the “secret team” has decided that Kennedy’s policies will subvert American principles both home and abroad, and too many interests are involved who will be negatively affected.

One might suspect Mr. X at work in the case of the movie that set fire to the Middle East, no?  Are the rioters that clueless and rabid?  Is it so plausible that a grade Z clunker made in Santa Clarita using the greenscreen technology of 1980s music videos is the seed of such mass bloody stagings?

If Muslims are rioting over a licentious depiction of the Prophet, shouldn’t Christians be rioting over the recent fanfare that Jesus had a wife?  Read the intriguing scholarly Harvard paper here, which also involves the Copts…

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