Dog Document Day Afternoon

In June, thief of historical documents Barry Landau was sentenced to seven years in prison.  The Justice Department nabbed Landau stealing documents between December 2010 and July 2011 from “the Maryland Historical Society, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, the Connecticut Historical Society, the University of Vermont, the New York Historical Society and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library.”

The Baron of Arizona (1950) dir. Samuel Fuller.

Federal agents seized 6,000 stolen documents from the West 57th Street apartment where Barry the Biblio-Burglar lived alone.  One pictures the trove troll in a cluttered and bug-infested ossuary of stolen printed Americana and half-eaten Chinese take-out.  Landau’s boodle included a letter from Ben Franklin to John Paul Jones on the subject of gunpowder, and a land grant signed by Lincoln worth over $100,000.

Landau’s partner-in-crime, skinny hipster Jason Avedoff, seems a suspicious and inept character, who clearly did not have an MLS degree, and offered Pepperidge Farm cookies to distract archivists from the heist.
Moral: Don’t eat in the library.

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